Riesel Police Department

PO Box 249
104 N. Hwy 6
Riesel, TX 76682

254-896-6501 Office & Court
254-896-0014 Fax
E-Mail PoliceChief@cityofriesel.com


Chief Danny Krumnow

E Mail--PoliceChief@cityofriesel.com

The Riesel Police Department was created in 1989. Gary Swital was appointed Police Chief and was Riesel's only officer. Since that time Riesel has had several Chiefs. Officer Swital was elected Constable for the Riesel area and later left the area for other employment. Chief Ernest McGraw hired officer Danny Krumnow as a paid Reserve Officer on 07-31-92. Officer Krumnow has since worked his way up and is currently Chief of Police. The City of Riesel currently has two Officers and a Chief of Police. The population of the City of Riesel is approximately 1200. Riesel addresses include a large area. Riesel is noted for it's excellent school system which consists of 600 students. Riesel Police Officers will respond to any emergency in the Riesel area. All normal police service for areas outside the City of Riesel are referred to the McLennan County Sheriff's Department. The Riesel Police Department highly stresses cooperation with all Law Enforcement Agencies. Calls for service are dispatched by the McLennan County Sheriff's Department which can be reached at 254-757-5222.

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