Laws & Ordinances

Aggressive Dog Ordinance

Burglar Alarm Ordinance

Junk Vehicle Ord

Rabies Vacination Laws

Rabies Ordinance

Other Forms and Links

McLennan County Jail List by Name

City Map

City Employee Complaint Form

DPS DWLI Request Packet

Employee Handbook

Hunting Liability Release

Open Records Request City

Open Records Request Police

Open Records Request Police Body Cam

Police Complaint Form

Police Employment Application

Street Light Complaint Form

Victims Rights

Police Forms

Aplication for Employment Police Department

Burglar Alarm Police Notification Form

Cash Bond Forfeiture

Crash Reports

Criminal Trespass Warning

Dangerous Dog Declaration

Desire to Prosecute

DPS Controlled Substance Submission Form

DPS Laboratory Submission Form

DVD Submission to DA Form

DWI Blood Search Warrant & Mandatory Blood Draw Forms

Exchange of information (Minor Accidents)

Emergency Protective Order (Family Violence)

Gas Drive Off Form

Juvenile Admission Form

Pawn Shop Aff

Permission to Search Body Fluids Hair

Photo ID Forms

Mental Health Emergency Detention Form

Mobile Computer Instructions

MSO Affidavit


Officer Dailey Log

Offense Report Form

Runaway Missing Person Report Form

Sobriety Tests

Vehicle Insurance

Victims Rights

Witness Statement Form

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