Lee and DaddyFlea get ready for a match

Lee displays his first place trophy won at Central Texas Rifle and Pistol Club

Lee displays a nice stringer of Bass by anybody’s standards

Lee coming in from a Coyote hunt

Lee and his first hog

Lee and and his Coyote (Notice the nice hog in the Background)

Lee with his Hunting Buddies Brian Trussell & Son (Grey Fox)

Lee with his Hunting Buddy Mike Schroeder (2 Grey Foxs)

Lee and a couple of Coons (The Bob Cat got away tonight)

Lee and his wild hog that he caught and raised from a baby pig

Lee and the Trussel Brothers after a sucessful Dove Hunt

Lee and his Buck killed on 11/11/05

Lee and a Nice Coyote killed on 12/11/05

Lee and his first Bobcat killed on 02/25/06

Another picture of the Bobcat killed on 02/25/06

Lee and a 8lb Bass he caught on 06/20/06

Lee and a cat on 03/16/07

Lee and a bunch of Frogs we caught on 06/20/07

Lee and a couple of big bass we caught on 06/20/07

Lee and a big Hog he killed with a 308 on 11/06/07

Lee and a big Hog he killed with a 308 on 08/02/08

Lee and Brennan Trussell show off 3 of 5 Coyotes we killed on 12/08/08

DaddyFlea and Brian Trussel with a few Coyotes 12/08/08

Kelsie (Lee's Niece) and Lee show off a Bobcat Lee killed on 12/26/08. Kelsie held the light while Lee crawled into a Brush pile to retrieve the Cat.

Cinnamon our Hog and Coyote Hunting Horse

DaddyFlea gets a Cat on 03/14/09

Lee kills his first Day Time Coyote 10/18/09 10:40 am

Lee kills this pretty Coyote on 110809 with his Lipsqueak that we recorded

Lee and Treston take a little Hog on 11/21/09

Three Legged Coyote killed around 12/15/09

Lee and Gypsy on a Horseback Coyote Hunt 12/27/09

Cinnamon hunting Coyotes True Four Wheel Drive 01/06/10

Lee and a Hog he killed on 01/31/10

Lee and an unusually Dark Coyote we killed on 01/31/10

Coyote we killed on 01/31/10

Cinanamon hunting Hogs 02/26/10

Cinanamon going Coyote Hunting 04/11/10

Lee takes a Hog on a Horse Back Hog Hunt 08/13/10

Lee and a nice Coyote 11/20/10

MommaFlea checks out the Hogs 12/12/10

DaddyFlea and Cinnamon get ready for a Hunt 12/12/10

Lee takes a small Hog on 06/25/2011

Lee with a Shotgunned Coyote on 11/06/2011

Lee gets scratched up Hunting Hogs on 02/16/13

Lee with a good Stringer of Fish on 04/07/13

Lee with Hogs killed on 07/21/13

Lee graduating from High School 06/07/2015

Lee with Hogs killed on 05/01/2017

Hog we killed on 07/07/17

Hog killed on 07/14/17

Lee kills a Hog with Night Vision and a Suppressor 08/08/17

Lee kills a little Bobcat 2018

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